“Walk Please”

“Walk please” I yelled for the hundredth time sitting on my high wooden lifeguard chair.  The kids constantly seem as if they start to speed up after we reprimand them about running on the dock.  Excitement and laughter surrounds me as I watch diligently from the stands.  To my right one of my fellow guards knocks on my chair indicating its time to rotate.  Grabbing my sweatshirt and ERK, I jump from my chair into the sand and head for the second chair on the dock.  While walking, I start to notice the way the sun glistens upon the water.  One of the greatest perks of working on a lake is being surrounded by nature’s beauty.  I wouldn’t change my summer job for the world.

This is my third year lifeguarding at the lake near my lake house.  I have spent every summer at the lake house since I was in diapers, as did my mom and my grandparents.  I begin looking forward to my summer days at the lake from the first day of school in September.  As the months roll by and seasons change, my excitement grows until the day where I pack up my stuff and head to the mountains for the full two months of summer.

Since I was a little kid, I always looked up to the lifeguards.  I admired their enthusiasm, diligence, commitment, approachableness, and friendliness.  On and off duty, the lifeguard staff was very outgoing, polite and extremely nice.  And on top of that they always looked like they were having a lot of fun, joking around with each other and the swimmers and always having a smile on their faces.  When the time came for when I was able to register for lifeguarding courses and apply for a job at the lake, I did not hesitate.  Although I was excited about starting my lifeguard experience, I was still a rookie and had a lot of unanswered questioned.  Looking back on it, I wish I had someone to tell me exactly what I needed to do, buy, say, etc.  That is why I decided to create this blog.  To share my experience with others who are probably going through the same thing.  Hopefully I can help you become the lifeguard you looked up to when you were a little kid.

stay safe,

your fellow guard


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