How can I become a lifeguard?

“Good afternoon beach desk how may I help you” answered the assistant lake director, who happened to be my good friend’s older sister.  After a small conversation about our pervious night, I asked her “how can I become a lifeguard?”  She brought me to the lake director who kindly explained to me how I need to get certified by the red cross in order to apply for a job at the lake.  She continued to explain how you must be at least 16 in order to work as a lifeguard in the US.  Since I wasn’t 16 yet I knew I had time to get certified before applying for a job.  Immediately after the conversation ended, I went online and looked for the closest places in which I could get certified back in New York.  It happened to be that my local pool was offering courses this winter.  Excitedly wrote down the sign up date in my planner and continued to look forward to the day I would sign up.

How can I become a lifeguard?  This is the first question you should ask yourself if your interested in lifeguarding.  There are hundreds of different places all throughout the United States which offer Red Cross lifeguard certification.  By visiting         you can search for places near you that offer lifeguarding first aid, CRP, and AED training.  After signing up for a class you will need to bring a prof of identity (ether your birth certificate or passport) and your ID.  After this your will be enrolled in a class.

It is important that you make an effort to try and show up to every class.  This is because you will be learning something new every single day and the more practice you get the better you become.  Hopefully you will be able to signup for a class as soon as possible this way you will be able to work for the upcoming summer.  This course will be challenging but with practice and setting aside studying time there is no doubt that you will succeed.

stay safe,

your fellow guard


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