The First Day Of Class

One the first day of lifeguarding class, I came 25 minutes early and stood in the hallway waiting to for the swim team practice to end.  The longer I stood there waiting the more I nervous I became.  While watching varsity swim, I began to question what I signed up for.  Everyone in the pool was an excellent swimmer.  I, having never swam competitively, started to worry my dream of becoming the lifeguards I looked up to was farfetched and unreachable.  With my doubts, I still managed to walk through the doors at 7 prepared to face my nerves.  I later realized there were others who were in the same boat and were too just as scared and nervous to start class.

Definitely at first the class was a struggle.  I felt like I was behind all the other swimmers.  But I kept working on it.  I would go to open swim at my local pool and practice every week.  I slowly became better and better.  By the end of the class I felt completely prepared and passed the skills test on the first try.

The people in my class were very welcoming and understanding, so were the instructors.  They understood what I was coming from and were always there to help.  I definitely recommend anyone who is think about lifeguarding to face their fears and join a class, you will not regret it.

stay safe,

your fellow guard


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