During A Normal Class

On a normal day of lifeguarding class, we would come in and sit in the bleachers on the pool deck.  We would first swim 20 laps.  Next the instructors would teach us a new save and we would practice out of the water.  After we started to understand the save some more we would head into the water to practice on each other.  We would then practice the saves in the water for the rest of the class.  Although this is how my class went I know of many other people whose classes were differently.  My brother, for instants, took his class at the lake I work at.  He’s class was set up very different then mine.  He would first spend and hour watching videos and going through the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Book and then after he would go in the water for 45 minutes.  Some of my coworkers and friends have also explained to me how their classes were set up differently as well.  It really depends on your instructors for how they want to teach the class.

Although there were many differences between our courses, there are number of thing that are very similar.  This is because the Red Cross requires every class to do and teach the same things in order to get the Lifeguard Certification.  You will get a lot of swim practice in.  By the end of your course, you will be fully prepared to save anyone and be the best lifeguard you can be.


stay safe,

your fellow guard


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