DO’s and DON’Ts

It was the first day of class and my friends was already nervous.  She jumped in the car and headed to her first lifeguarding class.  As soon as she got there she realized everyone was in one pieces and racing suits.  The only problem was that she was in a bikini.  She had her mom rush back to the house and grab her a one piece.  As she went into the line to sign up she realized she had forgotten her birth certificate to sign up for classes as well.  For the second time her mom had to turn around and head back to the house.  Because she lived 10 minutes away her mom didn’t end up coming until 20 minutes into class.

Now looking back, my friend can do nothing but laugh.  Through the horrified first day she still managed to pass her test and get a job that summer.  Everyone always has those first day stories where they forget what to bring or forget what to do.  Although they are common I know many people who wished they had known what to do and what to bring on their first day.  Here is the DO’s and DON’Ts of your first day of lifeguarding classes:


Come to class in a one-piece bathing suit.

Have all of your papers ready before you leave.

Bring a towel for afterwards

Come with a water bottle

Bring a pen


Come to class without a bathing suit.

Come without all your paper work.

Show up late

Come without having practiced

Joke around during class

Play with the tube

stay safe

your fellow guard


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