The Written Test

You’ve now made it through the course and it is now starting to become time to take the test but you completely confused and don’t now what to start are where to start.  This is exactly what ran through my head as June started to approach.  My instructors had given me the dates of both my skills test and my written test.  All I had to do now was to study.

Looking at that red and white Red Cross Lifeguarding Book I was confused and didn’t know how to start studying.  I knew the majority of the information on the test would be straight from the book.  But as usual I had waited for the weekend before to start studying. Although the test wasn’t until Monday I still didn’t have a ton of time left to study.  And the book what a lot longer then I had imagined.  I definitely didn’t have enough time to study.  I tried to cramp as much information as I could before the test.  I showed up before class very nervous.  As soon as I had started to look at the questions on the test I realized I did not study enough and I had started to guess on a lot of the questions.  Little did I know when I got back the test I had failed.  At first I was really upset thinking that my work all throughout this course would just go down the drain.  But my instructor informed me that I was able to retake the tests up to two more times.  As soon as I went home that night I started studying and watching lifeguarding videos to prepare for the test again.  By the time I took the test again I felt extremely prepared and understood most of the questions.  I passed and was half way there to becoming a lifeguard.  It was one of the bets feelings in the world.

As a lesson from my story, I encourage every person planning on taking the lifeguarding written exam to study more then just the weekend before.  Cramming will never turn out well.  The more you study the more you can insure you will pass the tests in flying colors.  But also keep in mind, if you study really hard and show up to take the test but completely blank out on the day of, you still have two more chances to take the test.  So don’t freak out and try to remember as must as you can.  You will get through the written exam.  I believe in you.

Red Cross Manual

stay safe

your fellow guard


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