Handing in your Application

Congrats you’ve now passed the lifeguarding course!  But the first question that should cross you mind is what should you do next?  Many times after passing the course people don’t know what to do next to start looking for jobs next year.  The easiest way to look for jobs is to see if any places local to you are looking for lifeguards over the summer.  Is they say yes the next thing to do is to start to applying.  There will definitely be a lot of different applications you will need to fill out in order to apply.  Just make sure you take time to fill out every one and head them in on time.  This will allow you to have a fresh start and a good first impression.  The one thing to remember about lifeguarding is the fact that you must be 16 in order to start working.  I know someone who didn’t realize the starting age was 16 and applied all over to many different places only to realize you weren’t able to accept any jobs yet.

When you hand in your application make sure you present it with a smile.  This also will add great first impressions.  Remember there are tons of other people applying as well and by simply being nice you can already just walk in with out smiling and start a good impressions.  If you can, apply to job at a lake.  This has been one of my best decisions and I have begun to love the lake house and all of my coworker.

stay safe

your fellow guard


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