The Interview

A few weeks have passed since you’ve sent in your applications for jobs.  Finally, you get an email from a possible employers.  Your extremely nervous to open up the email and see what the response is.  After getting up the nerve to open the email, you read the first couple lines.  You have been selected!  But as you continue to read you see that you’ve been selected for an interview.  If you are anything like me panic starts to creep in.  Interviewing is not one of my strong suits.  But don’t worry because I have some tips that should help calm the nerves and prepare you for the job interview.  As my mom told me, the most important factor of a job interview is to be yourself.  Many times when entering an interview people start to ask differently and the interviewer can tell.  As long as you be yourself, your already half way there.  Another thing to remember while interviewing is to ask professionally.  Try not to use ‘umm’ and ‘like’ while answering questions.  Although being nervous is understandable, try not to let the nerves show to much.  If you make a mistake learn from it and move on acting better each time afterwards.  Mistakes happen as long as you can move on a regain your compositor you can still show the interviewer how much you are meant to have this job.  Always stay positive.  I believe in you!

How to succeed in a job interview

stay safe

your fellow guard


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