Lifeguarding Suits

Finally, after months of training its time for your first day of work.  Depending on where you are working they will have certain requirements for what you should wear.  At my work we have to wear a red guard suite which we buy ourselves.  They also give us white lifeguarding shirts, a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt.  And if we are wearing short we have to wear plan black shorts.  Different places do it differently though.  One of my friends works at a pool and she is given the bathing suit and lifeguarding shirt but everything else she has to pay for herself.  Every facility does something different.  I would ask your employer before your first day what you should buy prior to working to make sure you show up to work prepare on the first day.  One of my really good guy friends didn’t realize he had to purchase his own swimsuit and showed up in regular Nike shorts.  It was pretty funny watching him guard in his bright green shorts.

As a girl I prefer to wear two piece suites over the one piece suites.  But they are extremely hard to find.  Most website do not sell them and they are occasionally in sporting good stores.  There still are so really comfortable suites you can buy that are one pieces.  These are the most comfortable one piece bathing suits for girls. My brother is also a lifeguard and he says he’s favorite bathing suit for work is ones that are more loose.

stay safe

your fellow guard


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