Other Lifeguarding Apparel

While working on the lake the weather can vary on most days.  One day it could be hot and sunny while others are rather chilly, cold and windy.  Some times you could be sitting out in the rain for hours waiting for thunder.  Because the weather is so all other the place it is important that you have clothes to dress correctly.  For example, on chilly days you are going to want to have a sweatshirt.  The colder it gets sweat pants may also be needed.  On the wet and rainy days, wind breakers are also important to have.  As I said previously, depending on your employer you may be given clothes to wear or have to buy them.  If you have to buy some I recommend spelling the money.  It will definitely come in handy on those cold days.  Even outside of work, I still wear my sweatshirt and sweats occasionally because they are so comfortable.  http://thelifeguardstore.com/ymca/61053-hooded-ymca-guard-sweatshirt.html  The lifeguard store has some great apparel for lifeguarding.  This online store works with the YMCA to make some of the best clothes for lifeguards.

Even on the cold days it is still enjoyable to go to work everyday.  When no one is in the water the lifeguards usually end up bonding in the back room and in the front desk.  As long as you show up in a positive attitude you can make the best of the worst days.

stay safe

your fellow guard


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