The Umbrella Problem

One cold rainy day I was sitting on the stand hiding under an umbrella.  Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew the umbrella out of my hands and into the water.  The wind carried the open umbrella into the middle of the lake.  It was to far out to swim out and get, so we had to send to guard boat out to retrieve it. Now with my umbrella being gone I was cold and wet.  This made the rest of my day very miserable for me.  After talking with some of my lifeguard friends, I realized I was not the first for this to happen too.

It seems the best solution for my problem is to find the best umbrella which is both sturdy and durable.  My boss and I started looking into the best umbrella’s to buy for the staff.  We tried dozens of brands and different style.  The best one was wooden 6.5ft umbrella.  Frankford-Umbrella-Shade  Although they are on the more expensive side, they work the best for all different weather conditions.  They are great for keeping the sun away and blocking the rain.  They are definitely an investment worth making.

stay safe,

your fellow guard


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