Sun Screen

I am very Irish.  And one of the unfortunate things about being Irish is that I am super pale.  I burn with in 20 minutes of sitting outside.  This can be challenging as a lifeguard and sitting out in the sun for over 8 hours a day.  When my friends hear that I am a lifeguard, the first thing they ask is how much sun screen I put on.  After many bad painful burns, I think I have finally figured out the secret to sun screen and preventing sun burn.  Last summer I managed to end the summer with no bad sun burns.  This was definitely an accomplishment for me.

On a normal day I wake up about an hour a before work.  Since my house if just a short 7-minute walk from the beach I have the perfect amount of time in the morning to make my breakfast and lunch and of course put sun screen on.  Although my sun screen routine does sound crazy, it’s the only thing that I can do to keep myself from getting sun burns or worst skin cancer.  I put sun screen on my whole body from head to toe.  Then at work I try to reapply every hour or so especially on my face.  I wear a hat everyday and try to keep my lifeguard shirt on for extra protection.

As  my cousin, who is a dermatologist, suggested the higher the SPF the better.  Also you want to choose sun screens that are water prof and have zinc in them.  My personal favorite is Neutrogena and Banana Boat.  Neutrogena-Ultra-Sheer-Sunscreen and Banana-Boat-Sunscreen.  Try to keep this on you in your ERK or on the stand for easy access to reapply.

stay safe,

your fellow guard



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