Boating License

Well working on a Lake, lifeguards not only watch the water, but are also in charge of watching the boats. Some places hire a specific group of people just for lifeguarding the boats on the water.  At my lake, we have a boat guard built into the rotation.  As part of our job at the boat guard chair is to watch over the boaters and make sure they are following the rules.  Since not everyone is a strong boater, dozens of times through out the day the boat guard has to go out into the lake and rescue a boat that tipped.  To do this we take a motor boat out to the sailboat, canoe, kayak, or paddleboat that has flipped over.  When I was applying for the job I didn’t realize in order to drive the motor boat you have to have a boating license.  Little to say I had to go through boaters ed in order to drive.

At first I thought it was going to be easy but after about an hour or so of taking the online test, I realized it was going to be much more difficult to get a license then I thought.  This is because when getting your license, the state assumes you will be driving a big boat on open waters with many other bigger boats around.  In my case the lifeguard boat is the only motor boat on the lake and it is very small.  Although it is difficult, you can pass the exam and get your license as long as you keep pushing through.  I used Power-Boating-Dummies to help me pass.  And the online course for Pennsylvania is

Stay safe,

Your fellow guard


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