What to do in an actual emergency?

I have been working as a lifeguard for a couple years now and I never had to rescue someone.  Nor have I even been on stand while another guard had to rescue someone.  But there still have been time when lifeguards have had to jump into the water and save someone.

On one of my days off, my lifeguard friend was watching the water on a really raining cold and windy day.  There was a teen ager in the water with her friend and as the wind started to pick up was having trouble swimming.  At first my friend didn’t know rather or not he should go into the water or wait and see if the girl would be able to catch herself and start swimming fine again.  After a few seconds of watching she swallowed some water.  At this point my friend knew it was time to get in the water.  He quickly took off his shirt and jumped in.

Although she ended up fine, it was still a scary situation for anyone.  It is extremely important to stay alert on the stand.  It is so easy for anyone to go under at anytime.  With in seconds a situation can go from fine to bad.  The only way to prevent this is by focusing on your swimmers and everything they are doing.  By staying focused, you can protect those by you and around you.

This person wrote about another scary situation in the water.  good-guard-bad-guard  The more you read about these situations the more prepared you can be for when they really come.

Stay safe,

Your fellow guard


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