The Last Hurrah

I never thought that I would enjoy life guarding as much as I do now.  I first saw this job as just another way for me to make money over the summer.  But after finishing my first summer on the boat I saw how lifeguarding is more then just a summer job.  This is because of the people I work with.

I have become best friends with my fellow lifeguards.  Everyone is so nice and funny.  There is never a day where I do not smile and laugh.  My lifeguard staff and I grew up together.  We were all babies playing on the beach watching the guards together in diapers.  And then grew up to be the lifeguard’s little kids look up too.

Although not every person will be working at a place where they have been going to for year, every lifeguard I talk to says the same thing.  We all love our job.  Yes, it does get a little boring watching water after awhile but we still manage to make the best of even the slow days.

Now I am in college.  I know with the important of internships and real jobs these days can’t last forever.  Not only are my lifeguarding days coming to an end but so are my days at the lake.  I will still be coming to my second home but not for the whole summer and weeks at a time.  In a few years, when I am married with kids, I can’t wait to come back and start spending my summer days at the lake once again.  And I will always look at the lifeguards with the same admiration as I did when I was only a couple months old.

Stay Safe and Keep Guarding,

Forever Your Fellow Guard


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